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Hi, my name is Ieke Koopmans.

I am a certified teacher ‘Dutch as a second language’ and I am very enthousiastic about teaching Dutch and coaching students to reach their goals. And as a bonus I get to meet and interact with all kinds of interesting people with just as many different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

I have been working as a ‘Dutch as second language’ (NT2) teacher since 2009. In order to be certified in this field of work I have been following a course at the Amsterdam University (UVA).

The lessons:

Learning can be experienced as hard and difficult at times. Fortunately there are several ways to make it fun and fulfilling because it feels good to achieve your own goals.

Mijn naam is Ieke Koopmans.
Ik ben een enthousiast, gediplomeerd docent Nederlands als tweede taal .

Sinds 2009 ben ik werkzaam als docent NT2.
Ik heb hiervoor bij de UVA in Amsterdam een opleiding gevolgd.